Forum Thread: Poretical for Rectal Prolapse Treatment with Natural Herbal Product

Rectal prolapse normally describes a medical condition wherein the walls of the rectum protrude through the anus and hence become visible outside the body.

Quick Facts
o Happens due to tissues lining the rectum slip into or get stuck to the anal opening
o Tested and identified through physical exam
o Sometimes it is identified through a rectal exam
o Patients with rectal prolapse are reported to have mass protuberant through the anus

o Mass protrudes from the anus usually after the bowel movement and retracts back when a patient in the standing position

o Sneezing and coughing worsens mass protrusion
o Walking can cause continual prolapse
o With the progression of this disease rectum no longer retracts and the situations gets worse
o Pain is usually from mild to severe sessions
o 10 to 25% of patients also suffer from uterine or bladder prolapse
o 35% also suffer from associated cystocele
o Patients with mucosal prolapse have analogous problems but not exactly of the equal degree

o Patients with internal intussusception often complain of exertion with excretion and a feeling of incomplete withdrawal

o In severe cases only major surgeries can repair the physical hitches that most likely becomes a major cause of prolapse

Rectal Prolapse Causes
o Constipation
o Cystic fibrosis
o Malnutrition and malabsorption for example celiac disease
o Pinworms (enterobiasis)
o Prior injury to the anus or pelvic area
o Whipworm infection (trichuriasis)
Rectal Prolapse Symptoms
o Reddish-colored mass that sticks out from the opening of the anus
o Visible lining of the rectal tissue
o The lining of the rectal tissue may be visible and may bleed slightly
o Rectal bleeding
o Rectum Prolapse

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