How To: Do polyphasic sleeping

Do polyphasic sleeping

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to do polyphasic sleeping. How often have you said, "If only there were more than 24 hours in a day!" By learning to polyphasic sleep—meaning breaking up a night's sleep into a series of shorter naps—you can squeeze an extra whole day out of the week.

You Will Need

* Patience to adjust to your new schedule
* The flexibility to nap every four hours

Step 1. Pick a schedule

Pick one of two polyphasic schedules: Uberman Sleep, where you take 20 to 30 minute naps every four hours, or Dymaxion Sleep, where you snooze for 30 minutes every six hours.

Step 2. Start your new schedule

Start your new sleep schedule. Expect to suffer through sleep deprivation for the first two weeks, as your body adjusts to shorter sleep cycles.

Don't deviate! You are training your body to fall instantly into the all-important REM sleep that makes us feel rested. Missing even one nap—or oversleeping—will throw everything off.

Step 3. Eat more

Enjoy more food! One bonus of the diet is you'll need to consume more calories because your body will be active several more hours each day.

Expect to experience vivid dreams once you adjust to your new sleep pattern.

Step 4. Feel smug

Feel superior to all those slugs wasting 8 hours a night on sleep.

FACT: Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci were believed to have been polyphasic sleepers.

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