How To: Easily use a Neti pot

Easily use a Neti pot

This video demonstrates how to use a neti pot. This simple device is used to pour warm salt water up one nostril where it can clean out your sinuses and is then drained out the opposite nostril. This is a natural treatment for colds and allergies. You will need a neti pot, warm water, salt, a bowl, tissues and sesame oil. Dissolve the salt in the warm water in the neti pot. Turn your head to the side and pour the water into the top nostril. The water will come out the other nostril. To get the rest of the water out you can plug up one nostril and blow out the other, then reverse. If you need to you can blow your nose with a tissue. Now lean your head to the other side and follow the same procedure on that side. Finish by lubricating the inside of your nostrils with a small amount of sesame seed oil. Some people like to use the neti pot in the shower to minimize any mess.

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