How To: Make an herbal liniment

Make an herbal liniment

John Gallagher here explains the process of making herbal liniments. We use Comfrey root (1 ounce) 3/4th ounce of valerian root and ½ ounce calendula flower along with 1/4th teaspoon cayenne pepper and 3/4th ounce of ground cinnamon. Pint of rubbing alcohol or grain alcohol along with pint jar, strainer, cheese cloth and a coffee filter will also be needed. All the herbs in required weights have to be mixed. Pour the rubbing alcohol to fill the jar to the top. Stir it then. Always label your jars using masking labels. Store this in a separate place and keep shaking it every day for about 2 weeks. After 2 weeks filter out the liniment into a container using the cheese cloth. And then squeeze the cloth so as to get the liquid out. Do not leave any sediment behind in the mixture. Now put the pure liniment into the coffee filter jar. Lastly put this in the final container that you want it in.

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