How To: Use a Neti pot the right way

Use a Neti pot the right way

To correctly provide nostril to nostril irrigation, first fill the Neti pot with warm water or water a little warmer than body temperature. Mix one level teaspoon of salt into half a liter of water. Taste and spit the water to check the correct salinity. Place the nose cone into the right nostril, twisting it and applying pressure to it to make a seal. Do not move air through the nose. Bend forward from the waist and tip your head to the right so the left nostril is the lowest point of the nose. Lift your elbow to tip the pot. The water should then tip out the left nostril. Remove the nose cone and gently blow out of both nostrils. Repeat the process with the other nose. Bend at the waist and breathe in the mouth and out the nose about 10 times. Stand up and do a series of rapid sniffing breaths with both nostrils and then each nostril individually.

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