How To: Use stinging nettle as an herbal vitamin

Use stinging nettle as an herbal vitamin

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I thought it was pretty interesting and informative. At first I didn't know what a nettle was but now I know.

It is late October in Western Washington and when I when out into the back yard to check on my chickens I noticed this lush new growth of stinging nettles. Was I mad, I started pulling them. They pulled pretty easily as they were growing in the wood shavings that we had for the chickens bed. There was so much of it and I had heard of the medicinal properties of nettles. So I went on line to see how it was processed. I read about the nettle tea and that you can cook it like a green such as spinach. I brought in the house and cleaned them up. But first I pulled some of the leaves and chopped them up a bit to put into some water and make a tea. As that was making I was working up the rest. Stems and all, except I broke off the root hairs as the dirt was clinging to it but it was like snapping beans sort of. When I was all done rinsing and draining I put them in a big pot to cook for supper tonight. Back to the tea, I thought it very pleasant. It was green like a very light vegetable broth and very easy to drink. I strained the leaves from the tea, but after I was done drinking my tea I ate the leaves. Very mild, not bitter at all like spinach can be. Just think this super food was growing in my back yard and I was going to throw it away. I'm glad I didn't but I still have a lot to go through that I had pulled today. Let's see if the tea gives me the energy to do it.

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